Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Bad Roads: The story that repeats itself

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Poonch: Safety on Road can’t be ensured until the roads are safe. The life-lines of the nation and the essential infrastructure, if not good may put life of commuters in danger. As per the official record, there is one death every four minutes in India and nearly half of them were young between the age group of 18-35. The condition of Poonch is nowwhere better than other parts of the state. Frequent road mishaps have consumed several lives rendering an irreparable loss to their family and the society. Besides rash-driving and defying the traffic rules, roads are perilous for the commuters. Utility cuts for the purpose of buring the cables, dumping of building materials on roads and failed drainage system have enhanced the chances of accidents. Highway connecting Poonch and Surankote turns into a river stream during the rains.

1 thought on “Bad Roads: The story that repeats itself

  1. Good job
    There should be someone who awaken the eyes of administration as well as the people of concern over them.

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