Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Faisal’s way to politics: Good but not smooth

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Shah Faisal’s resignation has given birth to a heated debate for and against his act. There is freedom for everyone interested in this event, to speculate according to his whims, fancies, intellectual horizons and the concerns based on facts. One thing that is of paramount importance in the whole development and has escaped the vision of the commentary doers is the individual liberty of thought and action, particularly those who possess the knack to.

Shah Faisal is a representative case of today’s intellectualism, being equally affected and impressed by the circumstances at his personal individual level. Being a well read, profoundly experienced and distinct in his qualities of head and heart, he has the right to imagine a future for himself, find a wider space for the demonstration of his potential that he has acquired and nurtured over the years.

On the other side, the scene that has sickened everyone in the state is the political mess leading to distrust in and rebellion against the age old crumbling order that cries for a new support and structure to hold the faith of the common man.

Isn’t it a fact that we are fighting with the challenges of the twenty first century with the tools from the later twentieth century. This all accumulated, justifies the decision taken by Shah Faisal about his future.

On personal account, I don’t find any fault with Faisal’s decision of joining politics. After all what is bad in it? I have always held the firm opinion to the level of my faith that visionary people (not only educated) must step into the regime of politics to lift its standards high; to install a justice based system of governance and to materialize the concept of the “Philosopher King”. How long can we kneel down before the usurpers, the manipulators and the dross of the society to continue in lead?

Shah Faisal’s journey in politics is not smooth, that is true but somebody has to initiate from somewhere. I hope that he shall not be subdued to recite for the old rotten lot and shall come forward with new imaginations, new approaches based on realities rather than fancies to march ahead of the masses and lead them to the land of reason than confusion.

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