Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

Is this the India they dreamt of?

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By: Ayaz Mughal

The unconstitutional, unauthorized, unlawful and preposterous remarks by some insane and impish elements have been damaging the secular fabric of the nation, polluting the peaceful environment and dragging the nation towards the darkest epoch of the Indian history of Independence. We have been observing a hostile environment everywhere after the malicious statements and hate speeches coming from the fundamentalist corridor of the Hindu Samaj who are self proclaimed protector of the Hinduism. The minorities are being targeted after well premeditated and strategic moves by the fundamentalists challenging the religious security provided by the constitution of India.

Recently, another veil fell down and the real face has uncovered when a few self styled nationalists shot the effigy of Mahatma Gandhi to celebrate his assassination. Nathuram Godse, who killed Gandhi, has become a role model for them. It has raised the eyebrow of the common citizen who has the heart to feel and mind to apply.

During the last four years, we observed a series of objectionable remarks, the case of coerced Conversion i.e. “Dharamantran” in Agra, venomous statements against the Muslims and Christians, celebrating the death anniversary of the Nathuram Godse, the assassin of the Father of Nation and curious to install his various statues at several cities of India, mob lynching in the name of cow vigilantism, interference with the Muslim Personal Laws, changing the names of cities, killing in the name of love jihad, the attempt to declare the Bhagwad Gita as the national book to force down the throat of the citizens, the utterance of avowal to reduce the Muslims to the second class citizens of the country and snatching the right to vote, attacking the religious places of minorities, assaulting the citizens of the minorities communities residing in area of majority community etc. are the dangerous indication that these forces are going to dent the secular image of our country.

But it is excruciating to observe the silence of the most outspoken Prime Minister of India, who had contested the election with the developmental agenda and the common verdict he got is for a powerful and stable government who would lead the nation towards a golden era of the country. But this silence is raising several questions at the intentions of the government who is entitled to safeguard the sanctity of the constitution and ensuring the safety, security and equality of the 1.30 Billion Indians collectively without keeping them in separate containers of the society.

The government, if its contents and intents correlate each other, then the stringent action must be taken in order to stifle these anti socio-national voices that are creating an atmosphere of trepidation and apprehensions across the nation. Indian minority has never been in such a mental torment as it is undergoing under the reign of existing government. The communal forces are raising their heads and enjoying the impunity constraining the common secular citizen of India to assume that the current government is backing up these forces to grow up to address the hidden agenda of saffron ideology.

Narender Modi, Prime Minister of India

The Prime Minister Narender Modi, who has been attributed as of one of the best orators in India, is shying away from breaking his silence over the most sensitive issue which is threatening the basic structure of the constitution. Our nation has diverse cultural, traditional and religious characteristics distinguishing it from the rest of the world, but a termite under the garb of Hindutava is trying to make the nation hollow inside nation. Is this the nation for which our freedom fighters laid their lives? Is this the society, they dreamt of? Absolutely not, these snakes lurking in the grass have started raising their heads for quite some time. It is the right time to stop them before the damage is done. The invisible hands supporting them must be identified and chopped.

Every Indian is expecting an answer from Mr.Modi that where our nation is heading towards i.e . towards the path of development or it is going to fall in the hands of these forces who are becoming the stumbling stone in the way of growth and development. Every secular Indian is eyeing at the most celebrated Prime Minister of India to break his silence and ensure the safety, security and equality of Minority and draw out the nation from the tight corner. 

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