Tue. Aug 20th, 2019


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By Iqbal Shawl

The Sweetest part of our country is her clean, unbiased and unrelenting judiciary which has stabilized the  shaky out of joint  times and events in Indian society and has proved that corruption, injustice, bias, discrimination cannot live a long life  and also that the evil has to fall in the noose , at last.  

The high headedness of the notorious JKPSC has been served in the  right manner  by the judiciary of our state.

The heart wrenching wailings of the depressed meritorious aspirants, who had staked their lives for finding place in serving institutions to contribute efficiently, were painful for every saner mind. There was a growing discontentment in the civil society over the collapse of this premier agency. The talent was being pushed to the back seat.

The demand for the manual evaluation was genuine against the digital marking. At least our future responsible shall get satisfied with the outcome of the manual evaluation which shall keep our society tranquil.

The civil society appreciates the honorable bench for coming to the rescue of our genius posterity which might have served restlessness to the whole society; otherwise.

Once again, our judiciary has proved that it works, but for the authority of justice.                 

The civil society looks forward to doing away with the viva- voce which creates opportunities of all foul play in such exams as long as there is a team of men of high ethics in the commission like the UPSC.

All respects to you Hon’ble judges, and ….


The Author is Political & Social Activist based in Rajouri. 

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