Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Manjot, at 23,taught a lesson of humanity.

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Humanity sees no colour, religion and caste. It keeps the single yardstick to measure the human values. At the time when, the entire air is polluted with hatred, a young girl Manjot 23, turns to be an angle for Samreena, a Muslim girl.

At the age when, youth is concerned about their career, focused on their future, Manjot Singh Kohli, from udhampur, have become an example of humanity, harmony and love. As she was unwilling to share this with the media but such sacrifices never remain hidden.
“I never wanted to put it on social media, since it was my personal decision to save my best friend’s life by donating her my kidney. Its been 4 months that we are struggling with the legal and medical procedures in SKIMS Soura” said Manjot on her social media profile.
Going against the family and taking such bold step is not a cup of tea for all. She further
“Now that my family is not giving consent for it but her life is more important than anything else for me right now. I am announcing it publicly that no one is forcing me to do anything, its my personal choice to save Samreen’s life. I am 23 years old ( A major) and I have all the rights to make decisions. So doesn’t matter what religion she belongs to, For me she is a human first and I will go till any extend to help her. Legal issues will be taken care of by our lawyer” she added further.
She is an active social worker and human right activist and she has proved justified her profession. Manjot is a motivational speaker and a social activist. She is known for speaking about human rights abuse in J&K.
Humanity salutes the Bravity and Courage of a young girl, who decided to think beyond the religion. Such heroic step is an inspiration for youth and a lesson for those who want to widen thw gap betweens humans.

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