Sun. Oct 13th, 2019


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PIR PANJAL MARKHOR, an iconic animal, but critically endangered species of Kashmir, almost ignored and is at the verge of extinction. The magnificent spiral-horned Markhor, mostly found at the high altitude of Pir Panjal Range has its number reduced to barely under 400 and it seeks instant conservation. Human greed has always placed the natural resources and wildlife at the point of destruction.

How can we allow the species to go extinct for the unnatural reasons(Human Interference)? It will screw up the whole food-chain that would have larger impact on the entire ecology and future generation.
The Pir Panjal Markhor is a very beautiful and one of five distinct species found in Asia and is found only in the Pir Panjal range of J&K State. #TataKutti_Wildlife Sanctuary, to be established in Poonch-Rajauri Wildlife Range, as a boosting step for the survival of wildlife has been kept under dormance by the State Govt. Hope! Govt. will take the cognisance and will come ahead in rescue of the endangered species.

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