Tue. Aug 20th, 2019


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Photo: Ayaz Mughal

By: Ayaz Mughal

The main focus of the government has ever been on the Kashmir tourism. The tourism in Jammu and Kashmir is attributed to the tourism of Kashmir. But the Pir Panjal region of this state, if developed from tourism point of view can outshine Kashmiri tourism unsurpassably. There are about nine lakes like Nadan Sar, Katori Sar, Sukh Sar etc alone in District Poonch which despite being ignored is of matchless beauty and they can add considerably to the economic prosperity of the Pir Panjal Region. Apart from it there are hundreds of other historical spots which require instant attention of the Government. In addition to it all these tourist installations are required to be linked with the national highways so that the tourists from all nook and corners of the country can be attracted. This region has the potential to generate huge employment to cope up with the increasing unemployment problem at the local level.  Simultaneously, diverse Flora and Fauna needs conservation as it has exposed to the destructive human induced attitude, consequently rendering huge loss to the ecology & environment. The different species of trees that exist in this region include Deaodar, Kail, HC Nut, Rubinia & Ulmus etc. and that of animals are Bear, Leopard & Markhor are among prominent. PIR PANJAL MARKHOR, an iconic animal, but critically endangered species of Kashmir, almost ignored and is at the verge of extinction. A well designed strategy is required to conserve the ecology and develop the region to attract tourist in the area. The centre and state governments are required to initiate a joint venture to realize the dream of the people and making a way towards and prosperous future ahead.          

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