Tue. Aug 20th, 2019


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A Dream That We Can Realize

Ayaz Mughal

Polythene bags, considered as one of the great issues that humans are facing in their contemporary life. After air and water pollution, polythene is emerging as the great threat to the healthy survival of the mankind.

It not only pollutes the water but also contributes to soil and air pollution & it is serious threat to the Human Health, Ecology, Wildlife, Forest, Rivers, Drains etc. It doesn’t degrade rather get swept down into the drains, get accumulated, choke the water flow & causes the diseases. It is non-renewable source and contributes to climate change to a great extent. And polythene is found everywhere around us and we use it for our convenience without realizing the threat being posed to our next generation.
We can dream of a Polythene Free Pir Panjal and we can collectively contribute to environment in positive direction by reducing it’s use in daily life and encourage use of fabric bags.We can establish small scale industries and women self groups to produce fabric bags for daily use. This way we can engage unemployed youth and reduce the pollution generating elements from the society. And it is a dream that we can make a reality by realizing our responsibilities.
To reduce the use of Polythene in Rajouri Poonch, we expect the administration to consider a strategy and set up “Polythene Check Points” at Sunderbani & Nowshera to check the entry of polythene into the region. It is possible to initiate this step only because we have two officers in administration that stand out for commendable dedication and work ethics.

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