Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Tranfer policy; a mockery in SWD

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POONCH: Despite the transfer policy of government, it is observed that the Social Welfare Departement has decided not to follow any such rules in place. The officials posted in Tehsil Social Welfare office Surankote, including TSWO, Sr. Assistant, Jr. Assistant etc have been sticking to same place of posting for years together. As per the official transfer policy, an employee should spend at least two years in an office before being transferred. And after the competion of two years in an office they shall be transferred.

In a reply recieved under RTI Application filed by Pervez Mughal, General Secretary Awake India, it is intimated that Nusrat Jabeen, TSWO, has been retaining the same place of posting since 2004. Other staff including Noor Ahmed Shah Sr. Assistant and Shamshad Begum Jr. Assistant have been in the same place of posting since 2012 & 2001 respectively.
The department doesn’t follow the instructions of transfer policy circulated by the General Administration Department under government order no 861-GAD of 2010 dated 28 July 2010 wherein it has been ordered that all the employees having more than two years of stay at a particular place shall be transferred.

“This practice of not transfering the employee is giving rise to their monoply and making it a hub of corruption. If an independent enquiry is initiated, the huge bungling of funds shall come to surface”, Perwaiz Mughal said. ” The department should enlighten the public about the reason for not adhering to the transfer policy or Government should scrap it as it is being proved useless policy”, he added.

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