Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

WATER: Endangering Life

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Public is Constrained to Consume Contaminated Water

POONCH: Water is the essence of life. Hence, any denial of water would imply a denial of right to life. The right to clean and sufficient water, as intrepreted in the light of Article 21 of the Constitution of India is a fundamental right for a healthy well-being. But the officials who are duty bound to enshure the supply of not only sufficient but also clean water to public seems to be giving a deaf ear to public grievances. Despite several sources of fresh and sufficient water in Poonch, the common mass is constrained to use and consume polluted and contaminated water, due to the negligent and callous attitude of the authorities. The pipes which were supposed be dug down into the earth to protect it from any damage or contamination are floating on the surface and are completely exposed to sewage, consequently allowing the bacteria and other harmful compounds into the piping. It is risking the lives of consumers at large scale. Authorities don’t bother about it. One such instance, which was reported to the concerned authorities several times but all in vain. Water supply line passsing along the roads at various placesa are broken and exposed to contaminated content. Despite the repeated appeals made to the authorities, there is no change of the condition. The main resorvour meant to supply the water to the city is also exposed to outer contamination. A team should be formed to collect the sample from different places and get them tested so that the suppy of clean water to public could be ensured. “We are appealing to Rahul Yadav, DC Poonch to direct the authorities to redress the grave issue before it becomes fatal for the general public”, local resident said.

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